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Player's Session 11/22/12


  1. Kahlon, 1A
  2. Jordan, 1A


  1. Ship, Captain, Crew
  2. Hazard

Total dice used:

  1. 5d6

Ship, Captain, Crew:

  1. *FAULT* No determination roll was made; Jordan volunteered as "hammer," Kahlon was "caster"
  2. Best three out of five (3/5) was chosen
  3. *RULE FAULT* Kahlon was caster three subsequent times, despite 2 wins
  4. *RULE FAULT* Jordan was caster four subsequent times, despite 1 win
  5. Wins as follows: Kahlon, Kahlon, Jordan, Tie, Jordan, Tie, Kahlon
  6. Final winner: Kahlon (3/5+2)


  1. *FAULT* No determination roll was made; Kahlon started as first caster
  2. *RULE FAULT* No caster threw three times before changing
  3. Kahlon went bankrupt
  4. Jordan went bankrupt