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The Player's Sessions

All dice games that The Brothers Graham review are first given extensive attention in the Player's Sessions -- exclusive meetings where dice games are played, tested, reviewed, and challenged. No game is given an official TBG 6-sided die rating until it has been adequately tested in the Player's Sessions. And while Player's Sessions are relatively new happenings, they are riddled with age-old customs and colloquialisms. On this page, you will find everything you need to know to keep up with TBG Player's Sessions as well as terms and traditions of dicing and gambling in general.

Upcoming Player's Sessions

There are currently no Player's Sessions scheduled at this time. Check back soon!

Player's Sessions Calender

November, 2012

The Ratings

The Brothers Graham rate all the games they play on a 1-6 scale, with each step being represented by a side of a standard die. After a game is played, each of the brothers review the game individually, coming up with their own ratings. Then they review the game together, often times playing it yet again, to come up with a final rating. While there is no concrete rules for why a game is rated with a given number, here are a few examples:

= Game has no playability or is too simple or has rules that make no sense.

= Game has some relevance to it, but gets old quickly or is lacking in repeatability.

= Game is well balanced, has some repeatability, but may have too much chance involved or lack in variation.

= Game is well thought out, has a lot of repeatability, and is all around a decent game, but may have too much chance involved or have too complex of rules.

= Game is well put together, doesn’t get boring easily, has a good balance of chance and strategy, and has straight-forward rules that still demand some thought.

= The perfect dice game…

Official Guide to the Player's Sessions

  1. Introductions
  2. Lingo
  3. Dicing Standards


Player's Sessions begin by taking roll of all players present, and their rating. The floor then opens to general discussion, where finger-foods and beverages are served. After a sufficient amount of time, no greater than twenty minutes, the games of the night are announced and the players sign up for rounds. The games begin, with rules and regulations being inforced by the highest rated player at the table. After all games have completed, the floor opens to disscussion and any applicable awards or advancements are given.


The following is a referance to some of the language used during Player's Sessions.

Dicing Standards

Determination Roll
To begin any game, a determination roll is used to decide who goes first. Each player rolls a single six-sided die. The player with the highest number goes first. Should two or more players tie, a reroll is done with each of the tying players rolling two dice. The player with the highest sum of both dice then goes first. Should yet another tie emerge, a third die is added, and a fourth, if nessisary. Should the unlikly but not improbable event arise in which two or more players tie with four dice, five dice shall be rolled a total of three times, and any number may be held aside to make combinations consistant with the rules of Yahtzee, and the player with the best combination shall then go first.