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Six Cups

Four players, six cups, and one die...

The Specs
How to Play
From the Player's Session...

Players: 4 or more
What you'll need:
  • 1 standard die (1d6)
  • six cups
  • Alcoholic beverage of your choosing

    Six empty cups should be set out in a row, one through 6. Each player takes turns rolling a single die. Whatever number is rolled, the player goes to the corresponding cup. If that cup is empty, they fill it up. If it has already been filled, they have to drink it. Each player must continue to roll until they fill a cup, then it becomes the next player's turn. As with many drinking games of this calliber, there is no set rule on when a game is finished or how a winner is declared. We'd like to say the winner is the last one standing, but we can't condone that...

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