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Sic Bo

The odds are stacked heavily in favor of the house, but the variety of bets in this game of chance makes it worth while!

The Specs
How to Play
From the Player's Session...

Players: 1 or more, plus banker
What you'll need:
  • 3 standard dice (2d6)
  • Sic Bo Table

    Sic Bo is of anchient Chinese origin, and means "precious dice." It is the grandfather of other such table games as Grand Hazard.

    Sic Bo is a gambling game played with one or more players against the bank. Players place bets on the outcome of three dice using a table showing all the possible combinations and associated pay ratios. Play begins by each player placing their chips on one of the squares on the table. Generally, the house will set table minimums and maximums. Once all players have better, the banker rolls three dice. Generally they are rolled in a cage and removed down a chute to prevent accusations of cheating, but they can also be rolled by hand. The bank then pays out any players who won and takes the losing players’ chips.

    Rolls and payoffs:

    BigTotal off all three dice fall between 11 and 1748.6%1:1
    SmallTotal off all three dice fall between 4 and 1048.6%1:1
    Specific Triples
    All three dice are the same number, as chosen on the table0.46%1:180
    Specific DoublesTwo of the three dice are the same number7.4%1:11
    Any TriplesAll three dice are the same number, but not a specific number2.8%1:30
    4 or 171.4%1:60
    5 or 162.8%1:20
    6 or 154.6%1:18
    7 or 146.9%1:12
    8 or 139.7%1:8
    9 or 1211.6%1:6
    10 or 1112.5%1:6
    CombinationsTwo of the dice are a given combination13.9%1:6
    Single Die
    Any one of the three dice will be a given number34.7%1:1
    Any two of the three dice will be a given number6.94%2:1
    Any three of the three dice will be a given number0.46%3:1

    Example: You place a bet of 10 dollars on a total bet of 8 (on the center row of the table). Another player places 50 dollars on double 2s. A third player places 20 dollars on the Big. The banker rolls the dice and they come up 4, 2, and 2. Since the total of the dice in 8, you would win 8 times your bet, or 80 dollars. Also, since two of the dice were 2s, the other player would win 11 times their bet, or 550 dollars. The third player loses his bet, since the total of the dice didn’t fall between 11 and 17.

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    Kahlon's Review
    Jordan's Review
    Sic Bo is chance at its purest: three dice and any number of outcomes to bet on. While it's no Hazard, I still did enjoy this casino-style gambling game. I especially liked that every possibility of the throw of three dice is accounted for, statistics measured, and an appropriate payout calculated. The "one throw" round and traditionally having only the banker roll the dice knocked this one down to a three face for me.

    I do believe I've shat my pantaloons, I'll review this sooner or later.

    The Final Word
    The jury is still out... check back later!

    Final score:

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