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Ship, Captian, and Crew

Another pub classic, Ship, Captain, and Crew can be played with as many or as few players as you'd like, and requires minimal attention to be paid while other players are taking their turns.

The Specs
How to Play
From the Player's Session...

Players: 2 or more
What you'll need:
  • 5 standard dice (5d6)
  • Paper/pen (optional)

    Players take turns rolling five dice in an effort to roll a six, five, and four in that order. Each player is allowed five rolls to make the combination, and the remaining two dice are counted as their points. Game play proceeds to the left until all players have taken their turn, at which time the player with the highest score wins the pot.

    To start, each player puts in an ante, generally a dollar. The first player rolls all five dice, trying to get a ship (six), captain (five), and crew (four). Each number must be rolled in order, however, so if a player were to roll a five but no six on the first roll, they would have to reroll all the dice until a six was rolled. If two or more sequential numbers are rolled in one roll (example: a six and a five), both may be kept. Once the ship, captain, and crew are roll, the remaining two dice (the cargo) are counted as the players points. Should the ship, captain, and crew be rolled in less than five rolls, a player may continue to roll the remaining two dice to get a higher score.

    Each player takes their turn, trying to one-up the previous highest score, until all players have gone. The player with the highest score wins the pot. If two or more players tie, then the money is left in the pot and players must re-ante and play again, the winner receiving the whole pot.

    The current player is called the caster. The current highest score is called the point, and the last player in a given round is called the hammer. Game play always goes to the left, but the player who starts the next round is always the player to the winner’s right.

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    Kahlon's Review
    Jordan's Review
    Besides my usual attraction to olde tyme pub games, I enjoyed the sequential aspect of this game. Having to roll three numbers in order isn’t unheard of in dice games, but isn’t the norm, either. Giving the numbers real-world associations (ship, captain, crew, cargo) also appealed to me as the start of a more sophisticated sort of strategy-dice game, like Catan Dice Game. As a pub game, the fact that you can allow yourself to be distracted when it’s not your turn and still keep up is appealing as well. And being able to ask cool-sounding things such as, “who’s the hammer?” and, “what’s the point at?” to catch up quickly when your turn does come around adds to the playability. In conclusion, I’m going to give this game a four-face.

    What a fun little game with a neat little name! I’d say basically everyone can play it because you don’t really need anything except the dice and the use of simple addition. I guess what I enjoyed most about it was the suspense of finding out if the other players will score higher than you did (making it more fun with multiple people). I suppose the downside is that you don’t have a chance to redeem yourself if you scored low that round, but that’s not really a downside-just the nature of most dice games. If you want a simple game play Pig, but if you want to play a game that uses a little more brain power and involves keeping your eyes open then Ship, Capitan, and Crew is for you!

    The Final Word
    This is a good one all around. We both agreed that it was fun and had good playability. Simple but complex enough to keep interests, for a little while anyway. This game feels like the bridge between more for everyone kind of games like Farkle or Yahtzee and more focused games like Craps and Liar’s Dice. Because of the potential and playability, we decided to give this one a four face.

    "Sail away; just sail away." - Jordan, prior to review

    Final score: