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The Inviter

There are few times in life we'd ever recommend light beer, but this is one of them!

The Specs
How to Play
From the Player's Session...

Players: 2 or more
What you'll need:
  • 1 standard die (1d6)
  • Alcoholic beverage of your choosing

    Each player takes turns rolling a single die. If a one is rolled, the current player must drink. If a six is rolled, they choose someone (or invite them) to drink. If a three is rolled, the player to the right has to drink. If a four is rolled, the player to the left has to drink. The player continues to roll until a two or a five is rolled, at which time it becomes the next players turn to roll. The following chart illustrates the rolls:

    1Current player drinks
    2Next player's turn
    3Player to the right drinks
    4Player to the left drinks
    5Next player's turn
    6Invite any player to drink

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    Sorry, we've been so busy playing other dice games that we havn't had a chance to review this one yet, please check back soon!