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Easy to learn. Simple to play. Start a game of Farkle and have a great day!

The Specs
How to Play
From the Player's Session...

Players: 2 or more
What you'll need:
  • 6 standard Dice (6d6)
  • Pen/Paper
  • Rolling cup(optional)

    The game begins by the first player rolling all six dice. They can then hold aside dice for points and reroll others, or end their turn and take what points they have, then pass the dice to the next player to the left. The game ends when someone reaches 10,000 points (or more or less, if decided on before beginning the game).


    Aces100 points each
    Fives50 points each
    3 Aces1000 points
    3 Twos200 points
    3 Threes300 points
    3 Fours400 points
    3 Fives500 points
    3 Sixes600 points

    Once a player has rolled all six dice, they may hold aside any of the above dice or combinations of dice for points, and either reroll the remaining dice to try and get more points, or end their turn and add up their points for the turn. If a player rolls the dice and comes up with no points, they are said to have fakled and they lose all points for that turn. If a player makes all six dice into points, then they are said to have hot dice and get another turn.

    Alternate Scoring:
    To add some extra facets to the game, some players use alternate scoring variations. Some of the more popular ones are in the following chart, along with TBG recommended scoring.

    NameRollTBG score
    Three pairs3 sets of 2 dice1000 points
    Straight1-2-3-4-5-61500 points
    Four of a kindFour of the same number1000 points
    Five of a kindFive of the same number2000 points
    Six of a kindSix of the same number3000 points

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    Kahlon's Review
    Jordan's Review
    Itís fun, but I donít want to play anymore...

    No, really, it is pretty fun, but it can get repetitive after a while, even within the duration of a single game. The concept is simple and the rules are cake to pick up on, but itís almost entirely a game of chance and the playability starts to wane quickly. The alternate scoring helps a little, but it almost just makes it a cheap rip off of Yahtzee. I do like that you can change the total score from 10,000 to, say, 5,000 for a quicker game, and, theoretically, you could just play until youíre bored or your number gets called at the DMV or whatever and just see who has the higher score. Itís also a good one for the whole family, the young and the old, which does play into my rating, but I canít in good conscious give this game more than a four-face.

    Oh my. Alright. I like this simple game but I always feel tired when I play it and donít have any desire to play it again for awhile. Iíd say kids would much enjoy Farkle because it has all the basic aspects of a game and is all wrapped up into an easy to learn and easy to play game. The older crowds certainly may enjoy it too but would probably prefer something with a bit more strategy. On the other hand sitting on an airplane you wonít have much room for a craps table so I can see Farkle being played as a traveling game to pass the time for all ages. You should give it a whirl and see if you feel the same.

    The Final Word
    We played this again prior to its final review, but couldnít make it past 2,000 points and Jordan started to fall asleep. We really give this game a bad rap, but in all honesty, itís a decent, creative little game. In fact, when talking about Farkle, we could almost see ourselves playing it with several other players, and enjoying it, but for some reason, we just canít seem to get into it enough. Maybe giving the alternate scoring some attention would help, but all-in-all, we have to give it four.

    Final score: