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Cho Han

This classic Japanese betting game is about as simple as they come, but high stakes can make it a little more interesting.

The Specs
How to Play
From the Player's Session...

Players: 2 or more
What you'll need:
  • 2 standard dice (2d6)
  • Rolling cup

    Cho Han was a popular game in old Japan amongst the mafia group known as the Bakuto. It was traditionally played on the floor, with the dealer being shirtless to avoid being accused of cheating by using slight-of-hand to switch out dice with loaded ones.

    A dealer rolls the two dice in a cup and flips it over, concealing the results within. Players then place wagers on if the sum of the dice will be cho (even) or han (odd). When playing against the house, they will cover all bets. When playing against other players, there must be an even number of bets for cho and han.

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    Kahlon's Review
    Jordan's Review
    This is another one of those games that is so simple, yet the aspect of putting money on such a random act makes it enjoyable. The best dice game ever? I donít think so. A good gambling game, for sure.

    Cho Han you if you play this game! I hope that doesnít mean anything nasty in Japanese. Itís pretty cool for a quick gamble or to settle whoís going to clean the toilet but itís not a good ďrealĒ game because it only takes a second to play. Itís all about chance and luck in this one and for that reason I like it. Itís a 3 face fo sho.

    The Final Word
    Letís not drag this out longer than it needs to be. Itís basically another High Dice, and that should be enough to justify a two-face rating.

    Final score:

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