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Race up and down the board by making combinations with three dice. Be the first to 12 and back to win.

The Specs
How to Play
From the Player's Session...

Players: 2 or more
What you'll need:
  • 3 standard dice (3d6)
  • Centennial Board

    Centennial has also been known as Ohio and Martinetti.

    In Centennial, each player takes turns throwing three dice. Based on the sum of any number of those dice, players move their token up and back down the 12 spaces on the board. To start, one of the dice thrown must be a one to move the player onto the ďoneĒ space. The board is laid out with numbers one through twelve in sequence from left to right. Once on the one space, players must roll a 2 to move to the two space. This can be done by one of the dice being a two, or by two of the dice being ones. Additionally, multiple spaces may be moved each turn, and dice can be reused in moving to another space.

    Example: You roll a 1, 2, and 4. The 1 gets you to space one, the 2 gets you to space two, the combination of the 1 and 2 gets you to three, the 4 gets you to space four, the combination of the 4 and 1 get you to space five, and finally the 4 and the 2 will get you to space six.

    The first player to go up the board and back wins.

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    Kahlon's Review
    Jordan's Review
    Centennial was another one of those games that puts a slightly different twist on how dice are used. At first glance, the simple ďboardĒ and tokens make this look like just another Parcheesi, but with the three-dice, multi-space movement it adds some thought to the process. Itís still a game of pure chance, and moving spaces in the 10+ range can take a while, but itís still a little more thought to play than its contemporaries.

    Centennial is like a dice/board game fusion without all the colors and spinning wheels. Hereís how it goes: I like it because itís fun to make the combinations that you need and is rad when you get a killer combo but I donít like that sometimes youíre sitting there for too long trying to roll the combinations that you need. Thatís just part of how the game is played but it can be mind numbing after awhile. Donít get me wrong though, I like it and itís a good multiple player game and would probably be more fun that way with everyone racing to get to 12 and back. Iím giving it a four-face.

    The Final Word
    Despite the ďboardĒ involved, this one is definitely a dice game. We both gave it a four-face rating, which made the joint review easier. We agreed that the playability is there, as no two games of Centennial will be alike, but we also agreed that the pitfalls come when you get to the high end of the board and useful combinations are hard to come by. Despite that, itís still on our replay list.

    Final score:

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