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This exciting game of speed was created by The Brothers Graham themselves!

The Specs
How to Play
From the Player's Session...

Players: 2 or more
What you'll need:
  • 6 standard dice (6d6) per player
  • 1 standard die (1d6)

    To start, a single die is rolled (known as the dummy). The number it lands on is called the tender . As soon as the dummy stops on a tender, each player begins rolling all six of their dice simultaneously as quickly as they can, trying to get all six of their dice to match the tender. Players may hold aside any number of dice at any time. The first player to get all six dice to match the tender shouts "bullocks!" and is the winner of the round.

    To start the next round, the winner of the previous round rolls the dummy to select the next tender, and game play commences as before. The first player to reach six wins is the winner of the game.

    It is customary is certain circles for players to keep track of their number of wins by turning a single die so the face representing their number of wins is up. This die is sometimes referred to as the scorekeeper. It is also customary for the scorekeeper dice and dummy to be a different style of dice than those in play. I.E.: the dice in play may be standard dice, while the dummy would be a casino-style red die.

    Drinking game variation:
    In the spirit of great dice games before it, Bullocks can be played as a drinking game as well. Once a player shouts Bullocks, all other players must drink.

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