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Also known as 21, this classic casino card game can also be played with dice.

The Specs
How to Play
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Players: 2 or more
What you'll need:
  • 1 standard die (1d6)

    The card game blackjack was played as long ago as the 17th century, and the dice version may have been played equally as long ago. The name came when the game made its way to the United States. To increase its popularity, casinos started paying out 10 to 1 if players got 21 with the ace of spades and either of the black jacks (the jack of spades or jack of clubs). The name blackjack has hung on ever since.

    Much like the card game of the same name, the object of the game is to get as close to 21 as possible without going over. Players roll a single die, keeping track of their score as they go. The player who gets closest to 21 wins. Any players who go over 21 bust. If two or more players tie, they go into another round.

    When betting, players all buy in at a set amount. Each play who busts then adds that amount again into the pot. The winner takes all.

    Unlike blackjack with cards, the odds change with dice. It is ďsafeĒ to roll again up until fifteen, where the highest possible roll is a six, resulting in a 21. Even at 16, your odds are still five to six that you wonít bust.

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    Kahlon's Review
    Jordan's Review
    I have always been a fan of blackjack the card game, so playing it with dice only made things better. With a maximum number of six, it makes the odds easier to figure out. The downside is rolling again and again to reach fifteen, which is the only point that the numbers really matter. And the wagering system makes for good fun at any denomination. I feel like I should say more, but itís just an all-around good game.

    I really enjoyed playing twenty-one with dice. Itís similar to the card game except playing with dice makes the odds easier to figure out and has an easier clean up. I especially liked the strategy mixed with chance when determining when to stop rolling or when you just simply rolled to high. I suppose Black Jack is known as an adult gambling game but I donít see why this canít be played for fun with anyone. In closing itís an all around fun game that kept my interest.

    The Final Word
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