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Whether you call it Barbudi, Bartooth, or Even-up Craps, this casino-style gambling game may live in the shadows of casino mainstays, but its playability and steep payouts make it as sturdy a game as any.

The Specs
How to Play
From the Player's Session...

Players: 2 or more
What you'll need:
  • 2 standard dice (2d6)

    Barbudi originated in the Middle East, but has since spread to countries and cultures around the world.

    Barbudi is played with two standard dice. Players wager and take turns throwing the dice, trying to be the first to land certain combinations of numbers. While any number of people can play Barbudi, only two players actually roll at any given time. Much like Craps, all other players involved may wager on the current rollers, or play an entire game without ever touching the dice.

    Game play begins with a determination roll. The player who wins goes first, and is called the shooter. The player directly to the shooterís right becomes the fader. The fader makes the first wager. The shooter may match the wager or any portion thereof. Any remaining portion of the faderís bet that is not covered by the shooter may be covered by the other players, or deducted from the total wager.

    For example: The fader bets $10. The shooter covers $6. The remaining $4 can be covered by other players, or is deducted, making the final wager $6 (the other $4 from the original wager is returned to the fader).

    The shooter rolls first, then the fader, and play continues back and forth between the two until either a winning or losing combination is thrown.
    Winning ThrowsLosing Throws
    Pair of 3s
    Pair of 5s
    Pair of 6s
    5 and 6
    Pair of 1s
    Pair of 2s
    Pair of 4s
    1 and 2

    If the shooter wins with any combination or loses with a 1-2, or if the fader wins with a 5-6 combination, game play continues between the same two players, with the fader making a new wager. If the fader wins with any combination or the shooter loses with anything but a 1-2, then the fader becomes the new shooter and the player to their right becomes the new fader.

    Non-rolling players who cover a portion of the faderís wager, or the shooter or fader themselves, receive double or nothing payout. It is also common, as is amongst the best of gambling games, for non-rolling players to make side bets, which are generally determined at the time of play amongst the players placing the bets. Unlike covering the faderís bet -- which is a wager in favor of the shooter -- side bets may be made in favor of either player (and may include what combination they will win/lose with, or how many rolls it will take for a player to win or lose).

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    Kahlon's Review
    Jordan's Review
    Another Craps-esq game, huh? I, of course, canít help but to compare it to Hazard, which doesnít bode well for this gameís simplicity. But taking a step back and giving it a fair chance on its own, I canít be too harsh. And with its Middle Eastern decent, I immediately imagine a band of gypsies swindling passer-bys with loaded dice. In a more modern view, Barbudi appears to be a simple gambling game with 50/50 odds (making it unsuitable for casino play) and a little suspense (that grows old quickly for me) while trying to throw pairs. As with many gambling games, it is almost purely a game of chance, and the simple ďfor or againstĒ betting removes any variation. With in mind, I rate Barbudi with a three-face.

    Okay, after two times through playing Barbudi in the Playerís Sessions, I was still too dull to realize itís potential. But after letting it sink in for a few days before sitting down to hammer out the rules for this page, it dawned on me: this is an awesome game. Not for the game itself, but for the potential it has. This may well be just as influential in the creation of modern Craps as Hazard was. Its simpler rules give it that much more ďhouse variationĒ or possibility for wild side bets. Iím so infatuated with this game, in fact, I have to revise my original rating for a five-face and hope Barbudi grants me forgivenessÖ

    My favorite part about Barbudi is the suspense of seeing who the winner is. Since there are only certain combinations that determine the winner or loser sometimes waiting for a result is a process. And when you have money on the table it never goes fast enough! Itís not very difficult to learn and having a combination sheet (see above) handy is very helpful. Due to its game play Iíd say itís more of an adult game as itís not much fun without gambling. Iíll agree with my brother Kahlon on this one and give this game a three face.

    The Final Word
    *Joint review here*

    Final score:

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