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AKA: Aces in the Pot

This classic game from the Philippians is played with three or more players. Both Aces and Aces in the Pot are simple games of chance, but are a great way to pass the time!

The Specs
How to Play
From the Player's Session...

Players: 2 or more
What you'll need:
  • Five standard dice(5d6) per player
  • Three tokens or chips per player (for Aces in the Pot)

    This easy-going dice game was popularized in the Philippians. Both versions are now played around the globe.

    Each player needs five dice. To start, the first player rolls all five dice. If any dice are ones(aces) they are placed in the middle of the table(the pot). If any dice are twos, they are passed to the player to the left. If any dice are fives, they are passed the right. Any other dice are kept, and it becomes the next playerís turn. Game play continues until the last player puts the last die in the middle.

    Aces in the Pot:
    Aces in the Pot is played the same as Aces, except instead of dice being passed, each player starts with three chips(or any other token). Game play commences the same as Aces, except all dice are kept and instead chips are placed in the pot and passed to other players. Because all five dice are kept, it makes games go faster.

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    Kahlon's Review
    Jordan's Review
    I enjoyed this game of olí quite a bit. The aspect of passing dice between players and the ďpotĒ is a nice change for dicing, and the simplicity of play makes it a great one for just lounging around and playing at home on a cool summerís eve while waiting for the barbeque to warm up or the sun to go down. The downside is there is absolutely no skill involved, only chance, but I would still prefer Aces over similar games of pure chance, such as Pig, because it is so laid back without the encumbrances of deciding when to stop rolling or adding points. You can just play while bull-shitting with friends over drinks or discussing molecular biology; either way. For the sake of a pun as much as because I enjoyed it, I have to give Aces a five-face... and pass it to the right!

    This is cool and is pretty simple really. I forgot how to play but quickly learned again to write this review so that says something about its simplicity. I saw it as another one of those travel type games because you donít need a lot of room or anything other than dice until Kahlon pointed out that you do need five dice per player so that slaughters my travel game idea a bit. No strategy comes into play in this one but that doesnít mean itís not fun for killing time or playing while youíre doing something else. Overall Iím giving it a four face rating.

    The Final Word
    Together we give it a four. We both had a good time playing and recalled the rules easily after not having played in while. The only downside we both agreed on was the lack of any skill, and the fact that you canít really play it as a travelling game because you need five dice per player. Other than that, we enjoyed the simplicity and playability of Aces and will definitely play it again soon!

    Final score:

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