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Jordan(left) and Kahlon, The Brothers Graham, circa 2010

Born into a time of mircochip-driven super-computers and ever-advancing technology, the Brothers Graham went against the conventions of their generation and found the age-old art of dicing. Leaving behind the comforts of modern society, the brothers set out to find the dice game to end all dice games, the piece de resistance, the ultimate dicing experience. With no more than a satchel of six-sided, right-handed dice and the clothes on their backs, they wandered, stopping in every pub and tavern, every casino and bingo house, every gypsy encampment or hollow in the woods where they might, just maybe, find some fugitive or outlaw throwing dice for fun or profit. Sadly, even the outlaws had iPhones and the gypsys were on Facebook, so the brothers went back to the drawing table. Dead-set on spreading the word of dice, they resolved to create a website dedicated to the games they had found...

Or maybe they just got really bored one day... We may never know.

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